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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need more than one estimate?
    No. There is no Vermont law requiring you to obtain more than one estimate, and most insurance carriers will work with a single estimate from a reputable body shop.
  1. Can I decide where to bring my car for repair, or do I need to use a shop chosen by my insurance company?
    You have the right to use the repair shop of your choice. Your insurance company cannot require you to go to a particular shop; it is against the law.
  1. Do I need to schedule an appointment to obtain an estimate?
    We will be happy to provide an estimate for you while you wait, however, to reduce your wait time, we do recommend calling ahead to schedule an appointment.
  1. Do I pay Autobahn for the repairs, or my insurance company?
    That depends. Typically, your insurance company will pay you directly and you then pay us directly for the repairs performed, upon completion. In some cases, you would pay us only the amount of your deductible and we bill the insurance carrier for the balance. Once we have your claim number and have been in contact with your insurance carrier, we would be able to answer the question more directly.
  1. What if my car is totaled?
    In the event of a total loss, meaning the estimated cost of repair is greater than your vehicle’s current worth, we will assist you in determining the full value of your totaled vehicle and guide you through the process of finalizing your claim. Will we not release your vehicle to an insurance carrier until you have finalized your agreement with them and authorized us to do so.
  1. Will Autobahn buy my car if it is totaled?
    That depends entirely on the specific circumstances surrounding the reasons the car was deemed a total loss and the specific damages sustained. In some cases, we do purchase totaled vehicles.
  1. Will my paint color match?
    Our fully computerized Spies Hecker paint mixing system, which accurately color matches all brand specific colors, eliminating any potential human error, is updated weekly. You can feel confident that your vehicle will have the most accurate paint match attainable.
  1. How long will I have to wait to wash my car?
    We will hand wash your car and vacuum the interior prior to pick-up as a standard courtesy for our customers. In some cases, we may recommend that you wait a week before waxing your car.
  1. Do you have rental cars available?
    Yes. We have several rental cars available to our customers while work is being performed on you vehicle. In the event that all our cars in use at the time of your repair, we have a direct relationship with the local major rental agencies and can have a vehicle waiting here for you when you arrive.
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